88-Key Kawai MP7 Full Review

Young pianists who were given a chance to practice on a grand acoustic piano are indeed lucky. However, for those who can't afford one, you can have the 88-key Kawai MP7 instead. This digital piano is designed to mimic the feel and sound of a grand piano. With its 28 various acoustic options, electric pianos, and pipe organs, you can make the most out of it. Here's a review to take a closer look at this model.


Now you can customize the sounds with the help of the adjustment knobs that are located beside the built-in LCD of the digital piano. You can choose between recorded and multi-layered sounds. The pianist can also upload and download music through its USB input. It features three-key sensors that can provide the notes that you want to play.

It also eliminates the issue of missed note that most users experienced in other models of digital piano. You can also use the micro-editing features should you want to mimic the sounds of different pianos.

Furthermore, the 256-note maximum polyphony memory chips allow you to play all notes at a time without cutting it off. There's a pedal included in this model, allowing you to "half-pedal" while playing. As what we've mentioned above, this model also allows you to customize the time of the pedal in sustaining the sound. The pedal will allow you to generate sound like that of a real piano. It can also generate long-term sustainable sound that even a grand piano cannot offer.


This model is a full 88-key digital keyboard, allowing you to feel what it's like playing a grand piano. Also, the small frame design allows you to reach farther notes easily.

You can generate both electronic and acoustic sounds in this digital piano, something other models cannot offer. Like a grand piano, it can offer a smooth sound, and the keys are made out to feel mimic a good piano.

Its fantastic price will allow you to customize the tones that you wanted to play. But if you think you have gone too far in experimenting the tones, you can easily set it back to manufacturer default settings and try again. As what we've mentioned above, you can also enjoy multi-layered sounds as well.


• Editing options; even if you are still a beginner, you can now start on playing and editing music in the comfort of your own house. Gone are the days you learn the piano basics and that are it.

• Easy to use; this digital piano is perfect for beginners who are intimidated by large and complex models. You can start using it with the help of a manual. But we recommend you enroll in a formal piano class as well.


• There are no built-in speakers for this digital piano. However, built-in pianos might wear out the electrical components inside with the constant vibration so it may be deemed as an advantage as well. You can invest in a cheap set of speakers.